Reese LLP represents clients in a wide array of class actions involving Consumer Fraud, Antitrust and Securities law violations.

Cases: Antitrust

Waste Hauling Cartel

Reese LLP brought this action for damages and injunctive relief against a cartel of waste management service providers. The aggregation of New York State-based companies conspired to monopolize the market in Long Island for small containerized waste hauling and disposal services in violation of the federal Sherman Antitrust Act. The defendants in this case used restrictive and illegal contract provisions to exclude and coerce customers, constrain competition, and erect barriers restraining new entrants into the market. The result of this coercive monopoly has been a significant increase in costs for small businesses. The plaintiffs here are seeking to recover treble damages and to end the defendants’ illegal practices.

Korean Airlines

Reese LLP was involved in antitrust litigation against Korean Airlines for price-fixing in violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act. Korean Airlines colluded with other competitors to increase the surcharge for cargo, earning millions of dollars in increased profits. One of the defendants has settled with the plaintiffs and paid $11 million in cash and $10 million in travel vouchers.


Reese LLP brought this action on behalf of consumers forced to pay supra-competitive prices for tomato products. SK Foods LP used Intramark USA and its owner to pay bribes and kickbacks to various direct purchasers of processed tomato products to ensure that the products would be sold at inflated, above-market prices. The defendants thereby illegally increased their profits by restraining competition. In accordance with antitrust law, the plaintiffs are seeking treble damages based on their financial losses due to inflated prices.