Reese LLP represents clients in a wide array of class actions involving Consumer Fraud, Antitrust and Securities law violations.

Cases: Technology Cases


RCN Corporation promised its subscribers “fast and uncapped” Internet service at “unrivaled speeds.” While making this claim, RCN delayed or blocked subscriber’s connections to the Internet. Reese LLP successfully negotiated a settlement requiring RCN to withdraw its “fast and uncapped” claim from all future advertising, to unblock services for an 18-month period, and to submit its network management practices to an independent monitor – an unprecedented victory for net neutrality.


On behalf of members of Myspace’s social networking website, Reese LLP brought a class action to stop Myspace’s practice of disclosing members’ personal information, including Internet browsing histories, to third parties. This allegedly occurs through the use of “cookies” when Myspace members click on advertisements and/or third party applications. After months of negotiations, the plaintiffs reached a settlement agreement with Myspace. The defendant represented that, under most circumstances, any information that is provided to third parties is now encrypted or otherwise cannot be associated with personal information. Additionally, third parties are prohibited by contract with Myspace from engaging in surreptitious conduct.

iPhone Apps

Reese LLP is involved in a class action lawsuit against Apple based on its iPhone applications (“apps”). Apple assumes total control of the user experience with its products, putting up walls that block customers from modifying devices or installing non-Apple-approved apps. Apple also blocks developers and researchers from discussing Apple’s standards for application development. However, Apple has designed the mobile device and apps to be readily accessible to advertising networks and Internet metrics companies, allowing them to track consumers and access consumers’ personal information. The lawsuit seeks monetary and injunctive relief in order to stop this practice.